Mael, Elisa Meneghello, ha voluto vestirsi con un nome d’arte che unisce la dolcezza e l’armonia delle lettere del suo nome per esprimere al meglio il forte legame con la sua passione. Nasce…

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Facing West

– is a sister duo of Caitlin & Sidney. Hailing out of the mountains overlooking Denver Colorado at eight-thousand feet, these singing/songwriting teen sisters have been gaining recognition for their original music, pumped up with strong lyrics and engaging live performances. They’ve been performing together for years and launched their project Facing West in 2014. Hello TV »


Въпреки отпадането на Sweet 16 след седмия live-концерт, с днешна дата Гери-Никол е най-гледаният участник в You tube от всички участници в третия сезон на X factor-България….

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