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Rebuilt Electric – Naked | Official Video |

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Rebuilt Electric

Donovan sang about Atlantis, The KLF and Therion believed in the imaginarycontinent „Mu“ and Rebuilt Electric founded their own state called ‘Popistan’ solemnly declaring themselves to its popes and creating their own musical sub-genre: ‘Punch Pop’. Exactly the right amount of megalomania to make your way in music biz! „Naked“ is a straight Pop song that combines the attitude of Punk and 1990’s Stoner Rock riffs with the easiness and catchiness of Disco and 80’s Synth-Pop. In their video you can experience all these different styles. Two gracefully aged Alternative Rockers presenting themselves in best „Pet Shop Boys“ manner, ‘making the girls dance’ and celebrating their unique humour. The lyrics? Irrelevant! ‘I bet you look good naked’ alone will already be a great conversation starter for many interesting interpersonal encounters whose protagonists will be eternally thankful to Rebuilt Electric, the Popes of Popistan!

Rebuilt Electric – Naked | Official Video |

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