– is from a small town in the bay area called Danville, California. At the young age of 16, Ellise graduated from high school two years early and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional singer and recording artist. The process, however, was not an easy one. In order to graduate at the end of her sophomore year, Ellise was required to double up on classes for two years, and complete a lengthy exam which determined whether she would be able to continue on with her dream, or spend another year in high school before being able to graduate. Once she got the positive test results back over the summer, she was beyond excited to start her transition to Los Angeles. ​Once in LA, Ellise decided to start posting covers on her YouTube channel in order to start getting her voice heard. Her first cover,

“Hello” by Adele,

gained immediate attention, as did her weekly covers following it. Her Youtube channel quickly began to grow, bringing her fans who loved her purely for her voice. Since starting her YouTube channel in November, she has quickly reached 6,000 subscribers, and is grateful to each and every one. ​Since moving in October, Ellise has been solely focused on one thing: music.



All her attention has been set on putting together an EP for 2016. As her fanbase grows over the months, Ellise wants to make sure her music can touch people the way it touches her- she wants people to relate with her through her songs. She is more than eager to release her own original music and cannot wait for people to hear the songs she has been working on. A thriving newbie to the

big city of Los Angeles, Ellise has many milestones and dreams

she cannot wait to start accomplishing. “If I can evoke emotion from even one person while listening to my music, then that’s really all that matters,” she says. ​Look out for big things coming from Ellise in 2016- including a single, music video and EP!

Ellise – Dominoes ( Official Video )