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Bonmot – Way Back Home | Official Video |

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BONMOT „Way Back Home“ – viva la France!

BONMOT is a great new export from France.

Raphael Bernard was born in Marseille and is now based in the German capital and creativity stronghold Berlin.

Marseille | France |

Marseille | France |

Raphael established his name by making guest performances in various scene locations. Especially his edits of well-known EDM tracks were honored by the crowd. Together with singer Lina he founded the EDM project BONMOT. The project name Bonmot derives from the French. „A Bonmot | bɔ̃ˈmo | -frz. bon„good“ and mot „word“. Means „good word“- is a witty idea, or a striking remark .“ On March 10th „Way Back Home“ will be released by the KHB Music sublabel XWaveZ. The EDM anthem already took effect on Berlin’ s Dancefloors and shows which great tracks can be expected by BONMOT in the future.

Bonmot – Way Back Home | Official Video |


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